The Babylonians and Gold

It was around 1900BC when the Babylonians rose to power in Mesopotamia, which was an unstable and full of turmoil region at that time. Soon they began to thrive under the disciplined rule of Hammurabi, and laid the foundation of one of the most memorable civilisations on the face of earth. The City of Babylon soon became a hub of religious, financial, and political activities.


Even after thousands of years, Babylonians are still known for their exceptional grandeur, glory, and grace, which they attained at that time. They had the greatest gold treasure trove in the history of humankind and there are many who still want to know the secrets of that great gold treasure that was buried in different tombs, and other places of that city.

Just like other well-known civilisation of the world, gold was an adorable object for Babylonians, and they often wandered to find out gold in different places. They used gold in not only making jewellery, but they also made utensils, and other objects from gold. They used gold in making idols, and other sculptures. Some of these gold statues and utensils have been discovered from the tombs, and other reliquary and ancient buildings of that time.

When it comes to Jewellery, they had developed some impressive ways to mould gold in many different shapes, and they often made some unbelievable sort of objects that served as an emblem of their dexterity, and artisanship. They were not women alone who wore jewellery, as men were also quite fond of it, and they liked to use gold in many other goods of their daily use.

The gold related items of ancient Babylon are still displayed in many different museums around the world, especially in Iraq, and the United Kingdom. These gold items clearly indicate that Babylonians had some very impressive skills of gold plating, and moulding it in different shapes.

These gold items also tell a lot about different aspects of their lives. They also revealed some myths, and realities of that time and their culture. These gold items also have different sort of engravings, which express about the rise, and fall of that great empire, and different events, which caused that rise, and fall.

Some gold items, which have been found in Babylon, their traces have also been found in other parts of the world, and other civilisation, and it indicates that gold items from other parts of the world were also brought there.