3 Reasons Why Hiring A Taxi in Hunter Valley is Better Than a Tourist Bus

Are you stuck in a dilemma between choosing a tourist bus and a private taxi? Well then, give this article a good read.



Are you a wine connoisseur like me,3 Reasons Why Hiring A Taxi in Hunter Valley is Better Than a Tourist Bus Articles who is always willing to visit as many wineries as possible all across the globe, to taste a wide variety of crisp wine and bring a few bottles home? If yes, then how about visiting Hunter Valley for your next vacation? This is one of those few places in the world that harbours numerous vineyards. Can you guess how many wineries are there in Hunter Valley? There are over 100 wineries! So, being a wine enthusiast, don’t you think visiting this place will be worth it? If your answer is yes, then start planning the trip right away. And trust me, you will not regret your decision of visiting this beautiful countryside.


In case you are thinking that Hunter Valley is just popular for its wineries then, you are seriously mistaken. There are various other tourist spots in this gorgeous valley, which are worth visiting. And, the best part is that to visit the wineries or the other tourist spots, you don’t have to hire a tour guide or book a bus to share your ride with other tourists. Instead, you can simply book Hunter Valley taxis and roam around this verdant valley.

Are you sceptical about hiring a taxi over a tourist bus? Well then, let me help you omit your scepticism. Here are a few points that will surely compel or convince you to hire Hunter Valley cabs, and not the tourist bus. Take a look.


  • Hunter Valley Taxis Are Lot Safer- I wouldn’t say that tourist buses are unsafe. But, with the alarming increase in crime rate, it really becomes difficult to rely on the other people who are travelling along with you in that bus. And as a result, you wouldn’t have peace of mind, and you’ll always have to keep an eye on your luggage bags and loved ones. Obviously, you don’t want to spoil your vacation like this, right? So, instead of booking a bus, always opt for taxis that will help you roam around Hunter Valley without any worry. Hunter Valley or Pokolbin taxis are any day safer, as you wouldn’t have to share your ride with any strangers. And, as per the drivers are concerned, they are always chosen after a thorough background check.


  • No Surcharges are Included- There are many people who think that the charges of tourist buses are lesser than taxis. But, this is their biggest misconception. After the tour is completed, the bill that the bus service would hand over to you will include several surcharges such as petrol/diesel cost, bus maintenance fee, driver’s fee, toll taxes etc. But, if you hire  you wouldn’t have to pay for any surcharges. Instead, they’ll just charge the amount which will be displayed on the taxi’s meter. Isn’t this is a great deal? Hence, try to avoid tourist buses and instead hire private cabs.


  • Flexibility of Timing- When you hire a tourist bus, you obviously have to wake up early and get ready according to the time they have allotted to you and the other tourists. But, if you want to travel in and around Hunter Valley in a taxi, you wouldn’t have to wake up or get ready according to their timing. Instead, they’ll come to pick you according to your convenient time. And, the best part is that, these cabs are available 24X7. So, you can hire them during emergency situations as well.

So, these were some of the reasons why I’m suggesting you to hire Hunter Valley taxis over tourist buses. If you feel my articles was helpful and want to know more about Hunter Valley airport transfers, keep reading my articles.