The Babylonians and Gold

It was around 1900BC when the Babylonians rose to power in Mesopotamia, which was an unstable and full of turmoil region at that time. Soon they began to thrive under the disciplined rule of Hammurabi, and laid the foundation of one of the most memorable civilisations on the face of earth. The City of Babylon…

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Gold Properties and Their Aesthetic and Functional Effect

are 3 primary variants which this article will discuss being: yellow, white and rose. Even within these primaries there can be deviation by increasing the quantity on one constituent. The basic and most familiar form of gold is yellow gold and this is the only…

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The Methods & Architecture Behind Data Warehousing

The method data warehousing vendors use to provide their service is a key issue. Vendors who let you run your own server’s license or those who host software tools on their servers are common options. There are multiple options related to the architecture of the data warehousing system. The most popular is the hub-and-spoke…

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