Dog Upset Stomach – What To Give For Vomiting

Our pets cannot tell us what they feel in the way we share our pains and joys with other human beings. That’s why we often play doctors and start guessing what ails when they appear to be somewhat under the weather. Sometimes,Dog Upset Stomach - What To Give For Vomiting Articles a condition appears to be more severe and painful than it actually is because dogs exhibit similar symptoms for a variety of ailments.

If your dog (or some other pet) shows restlessness because of an upset stomach, there is a fair chance that he ate something he wasn’t supposed to. Dogs are no different than us humans when it comes to the onset of unexpected bellyaches. Many veterinarians are of the view that dogs should be given “dog digestive supplements” every day, to keep their stomachs in the best condition.

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This article is for you if you have ever wondered: “What should I give to my dog for his upset stomach?”

Following is the rundown of some common causes and symptoms of upset stomach in dogs, along with possible treatment to keep your dog healthy.

What Upsets A Dog’s Stomach?

According to many sources, such as wondercide.com, there are a number of causes that can trigger a problem in a dog’s stomach. In most cases, an upset stomach is an indication of a much deeper and complex condition in dogs.

Some of the commonly-occurring dog digestive system issues and their remedies are given below:

Acid Reflux

It is a fairly common problem found in dogs, also known to be Gastroesophageal reflux disease. This condition is caused by stomach acid when it pushes past the barrier of the stomach and enters the esophageal canal.

Many times during an episode of acid reflux, it will seem as if your dog is about to throw up because of the gurgling sounds his stomach will make. Most of the time, actual regurgitation (the act of vomiting or throwing up) will happen because the stomach acids will be contained in the esophageal passage. In the absence of apparent symptoms of vomit, there will be other noticeable signals for stomachache and gastrointestinal distress.

When you suspect that your dog is facing acid reflux problem, trace some of the following symptoms to confirm the condition