Everything You Need To Know About Essential Snorkeling Gear

every year statistics show that the number of people who are taking up the hobby is increasing. It does not matter if you are an experienced snorkeler or a novice one; you are going to need to make sure that you have the best equipment that you can get.

A Great Hobby





One of the great advantages of snorkeling as a hobby is the fact that you do not need as much equipment as you may have thought, before you can start to enjoy this wonderful pastime. The three main pieces of equipment that you need to buy before you can start snorkeling are the snorkel itself, a mask and some fins.

Buying a Snorkeling Mask

When buying a snorkeling mask, you need to make sure that you purchase one that is tight enough to suction to your face so that it forms a water tight seal to your face without the discomfort that comes from it pinching your skin. Although you may have been told of an excellent snorkeling mask by a friend, remember that what is good for them, may not be suitable for you because everyone’s face and head is different. Fortunately there is a wide range of snorkeling masks to choose from and you should have no problems in finding one that fits perfectly to the contours of your face.

The Snorkel Itself

Of course the mask is important, but not as important as the snorkel which provides you with your air supply; snorkels also come in a variety of designs and with differing features so there is something for everyone. For example, if you are planning on snorkeling a little bit deeper than normal, you are going to need a snorkel that is longer in length than the standard version, or you may want a wider one to make breathing easier. You can also buy ones that have a purge valve that