Facebook Fan Pages – The New Capture Page and List Building Tool

lead generation is familiar to most people who browse the web regularly, but the use of a Facebook fan page (or business page) to capture visitor information is just starting to “catch on.” The use of social media in general has taken off at a staggering rate and has ushered in social marketing with it. A Facebook fan page, when used correctly, is an essential component and offers some tremendous advantages over traditional capture pages for list-building and lead generation. With Facebook exploding to now well over 750,000,000 people, the viral power to expand your traffic many times over, greater conversion and the highest accuracy possible makes a Facebook capture page the superior alternative to traditional capture pages.




A Good Capture Page Offers Value
A good capture page offers some type of incentive in exchange for visitors typing their name and email into a form, essentially “opting in” and giving permission to receive emails or even to be contacted by phone. Obviously, the incentive needs to be something of value in order to draw in the right people, but it need not be something of high monetary value. In fact, in many cases the incentive is simply providing online information and/or training and is either delivered via email, like an “e-book,” for instance, or in many cases providing a link to a website with videos and links to other valuable resources. This type of lead-capture system requires a graphic-rich offer page with the ability to capture the information and then pass the visitor on into the destination page, where the sale, or “conversion” process continues. The process of converting a visitor to a paying customer often takes time – like a courtship where you develop trust over time and engage in an ongoing dialogue, all while providing ongoing value.

Why Build a List?
The most obvious answer as to why you would build a list is to sell someone something, but the smart marketers are not necessarily looking for just the immediate, one-time sale. They are looking to develop a large following to which they can provide products and services over an ongoing period of time, so it is important that they nurture and cultivate the list by continuously