Finding Information About Reverse Email Lookups

pushed some buttons, causing me to feel totally frustrated with the Internet. In 2003, some moron sent me a spam mail, using Microsoft’s email and in the mail I was asked to download the latest updates in security. Like an idiot, I trusted the mail and downloaded the email. It took about two minutes for me to realize that the email was not from Microsoft, but from some guy across seas entertaining himself by sending out the Doom Worm. On my computer were valuable files and records.


As an author I had all of my latest books on my hard drive, which negligently I failed to backup. Whoops! I lost most of my information, and as I struggled to regain some data, I became more and more aggressively angry at these types of individuals in the world that cost us millions of dollars each year. I knew nothing about reverse email lookup or reverse email search. Had I been well-versed in this field, I would have dug up some bones, and reported this moron. With some luck, this moron was apprehended later and sent to prison. The England boy was eighteen years old and received five years in prison for messing up hundreds of computers and businesses. This made me more angry. Justice is cheap, I thought!

Spam and reverse email search- after being attacked by the Doom Worm, a dangerous internet virus, I learned to respond to emails by simply deleting them. Running an online business, I thought I had the best solution. It took deleting several client mails and losing business for me to see that deleting spam mails was not always the best solution. One day, I received an email from PayPal. After opening up the mail and URL, logging into my PayPal account, I realized that I was spammed, jammed, and robbed of my identity. Now, I no all the ropes in Internet spamming, so all mails unfamiliar to me, and even familiar to me are sent to my spam mailbox, checked, and then I use the reverse email lookup to find the sender, and report all Internet criminals to the proper authorities. I have joined the fight to cutback on Internet crime.

Internet crimes are popular, and for police to put an end to the crime, the Internet