How to Be a Player – 5 Insider Tips

If you are looking for tips on how to be a player, look no further than the example of sports. You have two classes of people in sports: those who are players and those who are bench warmers.



e and sex, do you really want to be a bench warmer?

Insider Tip #1:  Grab Special Tactics

The one crucial thing you need to know about being a player is that you need to have special techniques and tactics. Just as elite athletes learn special moves that propel them past the “ordinary athletes” so do you need to learn special tactics that give you the advantage over the ordinary guy who is trying to attract women. Be warned: you will not discover these tactics very easily, because guys who are true players want to keep these tactics secrets.

Insider Tip #2:  Be Dedicated

Beyond the issue of tactics, you need to be uniquely dedicated. Guys who are true players in the field of love and sex know how to dedicate themselves to the cause. When they are not out trying to pull down