My Two Faces (Book)

We’ve all read about horror stories of job candidates being “searched” and employers finding less than flattering results coming from sites like Facebook. Those spring break “good times” end up affecting professionals with withdrawn job offers or an employer’s dwindling interest in hiring an individual caught on film. Every career services professional will tell you to keep the information out there on the web professional in nature and as to not sabotage your future career. Now, a lot can be done with settings and privacy however it is the tagging of pictures that you have little control over. You can go and remove the tag, but making sure you get every picture untagged is a daunting task and if you have a lot of tagging friends you are bound to miss one or two or ten.










You may think that this totally ruins the fun of Facebook and the social media/networking movement. Those “serious” people had to get their nose in it and ruin it for the rest of us who were having a perfectly good time talking to our high school buddies about that time we……… (fill in the last part of the sentence). So my suggestion to you is to have two, that’s right, TWO accounts and allow yourself to have your two personalities. You can be your fun, Farmville, Funfish, Mafia Wars, send a virtual hug self and you can also have your professional, serious, networking self. The key is to keep the two separate and this can be done by using different names.

I am going to use myself as a case study.

My Professional Facebook Self

Here is where I interact with students, post information about Herzing Online, share job searching information, post blogs, share pictures of Herzing events and get tagged in pictures of graduations, charity events and fun work stuff. This is my professional face. I can be a little silly