Optimization Tips For Blogging Cash

We’ve all been enticed by ads and sales pages telling us how easy it is to make money on the web. But how many of us are actually making the thousands a month that the guru’s promise? One problem is the lack of specifics on how to set up our web pages and blogs. There are specific ways to organize and optimize a blog to be in the best position to attract traffic, and to convert that traffic into dollars.



Proper Theme Selection

The first thing to look at is the design and layout of your blog. When choosing a theme, make sure you think about the niche you’re in, and the type of readers you wish to attract. You probably wouldn’t use the same design on a knitting blog and a metal guitar blog. Pick colors and layouts that will make your blog inviting to the target market.

If you don’t have experience with modifying code, you may want to look for a them that has AdSense built in. You will just copy and paste in a few lines, which makes this a simple solution for beginners.

The Plug-ins That Pay

One of the things that make WordPress the preferred blogging platform for marketers is the huge amount of plug-ins available to add functionality to your blog. S