Rising Raisins and Pop Bottle Fountains – A Science Inquiry Experience – Part 2

ce and just not come out of solution on their own. Here, we take that knowledge and attempt to get lots of bubbles to form in one small area to create a “Pop Bottle Fountain”.

For this, you will need a two liter bottle of seltzer water. Soda will work fine but it tends to make a sticky mess. Seltzer water will just evaporate leaving no sticky residue. As far as clean-up is concerned, seltzer water is the winner.

You will also need a hammer, nail, a piece of string about two feet long, some tape, and a candy Menthos. Menthos are mint flavored chewy candies found in the grocery check-out. There are six or eight in a package.



Have the students make observations about a Mentho. They will note that its white, smooth, and not round. Ask them to observe the shell more closely. It really isn’t as smooth as it appears on first glance. What do you think will happen if we place this in seltzer water?

Carefully remove the cap from the seltzer bottle. Some gas will escape. Don’t worry. Place the cap on the sidewalk so that the top is facing up. In this way something could be hidden under it, but that’s not what is going to happen. Using the hammer, pound the nail through th