The IN: CHICAGO Card American Express

d during the application period. Once the introductory period is over, the regular APR rises to about 12.24% (this rate is variable). There is an excellent system of rewards in the form of points for the cardholder.

The Reward Points

The holder earns one INSIDESM Reward point for every dollar that is spent using the card, wherever American Express cards are accepted, whether you are in Chicago or elsewhere. 2 INSIDE Rewards points are earned for every dollar spent on essentials like newspapers, magazines, movie theatres, dining, cell phone services, cable and dial up ISP subscription and gym memberships. The icing on the cake is that these reward points never expire and there is no limit on the amount of points that can be earned.

Redeeming The Reward Points

These INSIDE reward points can be redeemed at over 70 participating Chicago merchants like AMC Theatres and Bistro 110. These points are redeemed for dining, drinking, entertainment services in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. Also it lets you avail services like free hotel rooms, meals and airline travel. You can share these reward points with family and friends by transferring points into one INSIDE rewards account.

Other Benefits

You can see your most recent billing information as well as pay