What We Should Make Preparations for Our Ice Hockey

The ice hockey is one of the most exciting team programs. In European,Guest Posting America, and Canada it is quite in fashion. The ice hockey has high requirement for skills of ice hockey, the ability of balance and power. It has graceful movement and it also has complex team cooperation and fierce attacks in one body of ice hockey.You may know from compose of ice hockey and there are twenty players and three goalies in one men hockey team. However, there are at most eighteen players and two goaltenders in one women team. There are six players to join the match every time.















The players have clubs in their hands, the purpose made skating shoes and protective gears on their bodys. There is one match is going on the ground that has party wall with wooden. The both side of match have six players to take part in the match, which are one goalkeeper, two defenders, two strikers and one center. One match has an hour and it will going on with three groups. There are fifteen minutes breaks between two parts.If one team has too many goals, it will become the championship. If two teams have the same goals, it is a draw. According the international ice hockey union rules, if it still has match for ten minutes without making the last results, it is also a draw. The best player of ice hockey will reach fifty miles every hour slide speed.The main punished rules: The ice hockey is one fierce sport. On the surface of ice there is always to be violent collisions for players. There are some formulates is designed for body touch in the rules of ice hockey. If the players go against the rules, they will be out of bounds.The judgment will exclude them for two minutes, five minutes or minutes. It will divide into small penalty, big penalty and team small penalty. These are high sticks, deliberately trip, embrace person, beat some one with hockey.Olympic GamesThere are two match stages in Olympic. The first stage is to divide twelve men team into two groups and there will be six teams in each group. And also have divide eight women into two groups and every group has four teams. There is a round match of every small group and we are able to get the results from the competition finally. The four teams in the line will enter the second step of match. At last one team